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Marita Niska

Marita Niska is a exclusive handmade Norwegian clothing brand created by the established designer Marita Niska. The collection have both womens fashion and mens fashion, and unisex styles. 
Marita Niska had great success with her interior design Universe, and now expressing her art through fashion design
Her new clothing collection consists of stylish garments in classic and comfortable silhouettes. The clothes have a unique cut and shape and the materials of the highest quality. We are committed to comfort and precision, which makes our garments both easy to wear and style. All our garments in the collection can be combined with each other. You can easily change the look from casual to a party look.  
All of the garments are hand produced in Oslo, Norway by talented designers educated from the Norwegian fashion schools ESMOD and SoFi. 
The design reflects Marita Niska's last 4 years in spiritual awakening, and all the pieces in the collection have incorporated that in them. 
The collection consists of textiles, bags, jewellery and interior